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PuTTY Links

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Related software

Several pieces of third-party software incorporate parts of the PuTTY code, or augment PuTTY in other ways, to provide facilities not available from PuTTY itself. We list some of them here, with no recommendation implied. We have no control over this code, so we can't vouch for either its quality or its security.

Software based on PuTTY's code

These projects include actual code from some version of PuTTY.

Other related software

  • Frontends for file transfer
  • Port forwarding and VPN
    • CallingHome, for maintaining long-running SSH tunnels using PuTTY.
    • MyEntunnel, for maintaining SSH tunnels using Plink (no source)
    • PuTTY Tunnel Manager, for maintaining multiple, long-running sessions each providing a set of tunnels
  • Saved session management
    • QuickPutty, for quickly launching PuTTY saved sessions
    • plaunch, another program for quickly launching PuTTY saved sessions
    • PuTTY Session Manager, for organising and launching saved sessions
    • PuttyConfer, for importing, exporting, and mass modification of PuTTY sessions
    • PuTTY Menu, for organising, launching, exporting, and importing saved sessions
    • Launchy with PuTTY Plugin allows launching PuTTY sessions by typing first characters of their name, also works with versions storing sessions in files
  • Multiple connection management (including tabbing)
    • PuttyTabs, a floating tab bar for PuTTY sessions
    • TWSC (Terminal Window ShortCuts), provides a menu of open terminal windows (no source)
    • WinTabber allows PuTTY sessions (and other programs) to be captured into a single tabbed window on Windows 2000/XP (no source)
    • PuTTY Manager allows launching PuTTY sessions in a tabbed interface and/or dockable windows
    • SuperPutty provides tabbed/docking interface for PuTTY sessions and file uploads
    • MTPuTTY embeds PuTTY sessions in a tabbed interface, provides automation features (no source)
  • PuTTY Magic provides borderlessness, transparency, and alphablending in PuTTY
  • PuTTY Command Sender, for sending commands to and otherwise manipulating multiple PuTTY windows at once
  • JAWS PuTTY Scripts, to make the JAWS screen reader work better with PuTTY

Specifications implemented by PuTTY

PuTTY attempts to conform to many specifications. These include:

SSH-2 specifications

SSH-1 specification

Telnet specifications

Rlogin specification

SUPDUP specification

HTTP specifications

SOCKS specifications

Terminal specifications

Zlib compressed data format


X Window System

Cryptographic algorithms

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